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Wash your car like a pro in 10 easy steps


Wash your car like a pro in 10 easy steps

Step 1 Rinse down the entire car in the shade, start at the roof and work down.
Step 2 After rinsing, clear out the windshield wiper bay, the hood, and trunk for accumulated leaves and dirt.
Step 3 Clean the wheels with a brush which helps reach those more difficult nooks.
Step 4 Use two buckets for cleaning; soap in one to wash the car and clear water in the other to clean your microfiber wash mitt before re-soaping.
Step 5 Apply soap straight on to hard-to-clean stains like bugs or bird droppings. Keep your car wet as you go and scrub your car from the roof down.
Step 6 For the final rinse, remove the spray nose from the hose and just let a gentle stream of water flow over the car.
TIP if the water beads into droplets, your car’s wax coat is fine, if not, waxing should be the next step after the wash.
Step 7 It’s important to dry the car quickly to avoid water spots; best product for this is a waffle-weave absorbent towel as it picks up the most water and doesn’t scratch the car.
Step 8 A clean microfiber towel should be used to remove any excess pooled water – pay attention to the trunk, hood, and door jams as well as other hidden areas.
Step 9 Use a streak free window cleaner to wash your windows, inside and out.
Step 10 Spray wax could now be used to keep your car looking good between washes. Use it on the wheels too as it can help protect them from dirt and dust.
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